12 October 2014

Hello Bye Weekend

This year in my Nationale 2 pool (there are 4 pools in my division), we have 11 teams - which means every team gets two bye weekends. Excellent!

Tutoring English in Paris has started back up, and this bye weekend is definitely my calm before the storm of volleyball, English, and my other favorite pastime: travel!

La Rochette had a home match, so it was the perfect opportunity to once again re-visit the life and times of our first two years in France.

It was perfect.

02 October 2014

10 Signs You're Not Coaching in America Anymore

My identity as a coach has been challenged often, was confused for a while, and has now generally stabilized here in France.

Here are the top 10 differences I've observed since taking up the French version of my coaching profession in 2011.

21 September 2014

To the City and Back

It had to happen sooner or later.

I've always tried to pay a lot of attention to non-game weekends ever since coming to Europe. I feel like it's my calling, to take advantage of the ever-disappearing antagonist of time.

We've had a mixture of thoughts since moving to La Fère, but the constant question we have asked ourselves is:

"Will we miss Paris?" 

16 September 2014

Monthly Musings with Marc - September

Welcome my awesome husband, Marc, to the blog! He will be posting monthly on his experiences in Europe, and my disclaimer is I will only sometimes add an introduction and edit for grammar and spelling. What you get is all Vilas! Enjoy!

What To Do, When To Do What,

and Who To Do What With

Life is a journey full of twists, turns, and forks in the road. When you're growing up, your parents help point you in the right direction, put a roof over your head, and tell you where you're supposed to be. If you are lucky enough to have siblings, then you have some company with you on your travels. Friends add to this, but if you have moved as much as I have, then friends come and go while adding to the experiences, but brothers and sisters are there from start to finish.

When you get married all of that changes.

07 September 2014

Where, Oh Where, is La Fère?!

Dining room with space to move!
Congratulations to us!

We live in an apartment tall enough for adults!

Our apartment is finally big enough for us, but La Fère is smaller than anywhere either of us have ever lived. Fortunately, it really does have multiples of everything we ever need: 4 grocery stores, 2 pharmacies, 3 doctors, 3 cafés, our bank, 3 bakeries, the post office, and other random stores we have yet to enter. There are also at least 5 hair salons that we will never use.

01 September 2014

The Voorschoten Venture


On my way to somewhere.
This was a true bike quest day.

You can imagine my delight when Wikipedia revealed there was a castle within biking distance (20 minutes).

I set out for the Kasteel Duivenvoorde (I cannot pronounce this to save my life) underneath misty skies. I pedaled slowly through pastures, next to tractors, and past resting horses.

The Day in Den Haag


The Hague has always been a little bit elusive to me. It's really close to everywhere I've been in Holland, but it just seems like I can't ever figure out what I should do there, so I haven't felt comfortable just "going for it."

But this year, one of the coaches at the volleyball camp recommended going to the Mauritshuis. He was like, "Do you like museums?" And I was like, "It depends..."

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