01 November 2014

Act 2: Symphony and Sport

Saturday morning brought in Marc from La Fère, and my uncle and aunt in from London. Mike and Daphne were traveling with their church group from Tulsa, Oklahoma, so Daphne understandably opted to stick with the tour itinerary. Mike chose to go along with whatever Marc and I thought sounded good: food.

Jardin des Tuileries.
After checking into our hotel rooms, we walked our way south to Place de la Concorde to take in the 360-degree view of most of Paris. We paused for refreshments in the Jardin des Tuileries before heading over to Angelina's for a late brunch/lunch.

28 October 2014

Act 1: Paris Sets the Stage

When I left La Fère at 5:15AM on Friday, October 17, I thought I'd be back on Monday. I ended up staying in Paris until Thursday.

So, to the long weekend that became a real week, thank you for surprising my October with perfect weather!

Everyone loves Paris in the fall.

23 October 2014

London Makes a Great Date

Every time I've received the SNCF (France's national railway) deal emails about London, it's been impossible to go. Oh, volleyball. Oh, basketball. Oh, made plans to go somewhere else already. (Yes. Those are the only 3 things our lives really revolve around.)

But this time was different.

St. Pancras Station.
I opened my inbox in August, and ta-da! Go to London and back on the Eurostar for only 69€ each! If that sounds expensive to you, let's reflect on the fact that usually Eurostar tickets run at over 120€...each direction. We booked tickets to go on Wednesday morning and come back super early Thursday. Booked a night with an AirBnB location close to St. Pancras International. Booked dinner at Porter's and show at the Savoy.

Ready for our out-of-country date night?

18 October 2014

Monthly Musings with Marc - October


Moving to France was a life-changing decision on many levels. One thing that might have changed the most is the quality of food, and that is a good thing for someone like myself. I love God, my wife, basketball, and food. Meat, veggies, carbs, sweets, etc., etc., etc. I like things steamed, fried, marinated, or raw, whatever. France has met all of my food needs - and then some - because of the amazing quality and incredible variety.

Market shopping on Rue Cler.

12 October 2014

Hello Bye Weekend

This year in my Nationale 2 pool (there are 4 pools in my division), we have 11 teams - which means every team gets two bye weekends. Excellent!

Tutoring English in Paris has started back up, and this bye weekend is definitely my calm before the storm of volleyball, English, and my other favorite pastime: travel!

La Rochette had a home match, so it was the perfect opportunity to once again re-visit the life and times of our first two years in France.

It was perfect.

02 October 2014

10 Signs You're Not Coaching in America Anymore

My identity as a coach has been challenged often, was confused for a while, and has now generally stabilized here in France.

Here are the top 10 differences I've observed since taking up the French version of my coaching profession in 2011.

21 September 2014

To the City and Back

It had to happen sooner or later.

I've always tried to pay a lot of attention to non-game weekends ever since coming to Europe. I feel like it's my calling, to take advantage of the ever-disappearing antagonist of time.

We've had a mixture of thoughts since moving to La Fère, but the constant question we have asked ourselves is:

"Will we miss Paris?" 

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