17 January 2015

Deux Châteaux Sont Mieux Qu'Un

Our plan for my birthday was a bit loose last week. Grandma Carol passed away Monday, then the Charlie Hebdo attacks Wednesday put even more stress and sadness on everyone. Friday was spent watching terrorism news. We knew that Saturday, the actual day of my birthday, we wouldn't have the team van. Sunday it would be warmer and driving freedom would be ours.

We thought maybe we would finally go to the Château de Chantilly. Or should we go see the city of Arras? What about the abandoned Coucy-Le-Château nearby?

It wasn't until I happened upon a castle article on Twitter that things began to come together.

There is a château just outside of Compiégne?! That's not even an hour away!

15 January 2015

Málaga: The Jasmine Palace

Did we really have to leave?

The soft notes of a triangle signaled the end of our session.

We looked around. No one really noticed us in the dark corner of the upstairs veranda room of rest. Just enough time for one more cup of delicious mint green tea....

09 January 2015

The "Religion" of Terrorism

"Terrorist attack."

It is a vocabulary term we should have never had to learn. And yet it is a cultural buzzword.

When did you learn it? When did it become a "thing" in your life?

I was fifteen and eating a bowl of cereal. My dad was about to take my sister and me to school. The phone rang. It was very strange for the phone to ring before 8 in the morning. My grandma was calling, and all she said was, "Turn on the news."

Skyscrapers. Airplanes. Fire. And then the towers fell.

I didn't know anybody who died on September 11th, 2001. I was a teenager on the opposite side of the country. 

Now I'm an adult within two hours of all the insanity of Paris. I don't know anybody involved, but I know those streets. I know those buildings. I know those metro stops. 

The ease in which I used to wander where I wanted and as often as I pleased has passed.

04 January 2015

Monthly Musings with Marc - January

Feel Free to Move About the Country

My last trip was short and smooth; no hiccups, no changes, and no surprises other than the beautiful new sights. This latest trip, however, was a whirlwind in the most positive way possible. 

Every year Christy and I take a Christmas trip. With our sports schedules, it is the only guaranteed time we will get to travel together other than the summer. We have three criteria for this trip...sun, new location, and more sun. 

Christmas 2012 in Rome!
Years past we have gone on a cruise, explored Rome, driven through the Loire Valley, and lounged in Nice. This year we picked Madrid as our source of entertainment, or so we thought. 

31 December 2014

Every New Year Has A Plan

It's New Year's Eve.

I definitely didn't expect to be blogging on my iPhone in the lobby of a Holiday Inn Express.

In Spain.

I thought we would already be back in France, toasting up our 4th European new year with our La Fère friends. It would be very cold outside, but very warm together, and an endless supply of food and champagne. It was supposed to be this way . . . it was planned.

23 December 2014

21 December 2014

Les Progrès des Laféroises

I have been quiet on the volleyball side of things this fall.

It wasn't on purpose. We just don't have a lot of photos or videos to really showcase what's going on, and we haven't had any really dramatic victories to brag about. All of the photos in this blog are from our first match back in September.

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